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Greetings from Cheerio!

Today was an awesome day on the mountain! This morning we enjoyed some fantastic coffee cake over delightful conversation at the meal table before our rock sliding campers left for the rock sliding trip! Luckily the group made it back in time for meatball subs and sweet potato fries for a fabulous lunch! After the meal it was announced that there was a record-breaking group of eleven cabins win Honor Cabin today including Apache, Mohican, Hatteras, Occaneechi, Cree, Blackfoot, Choctaw, Yavapai, Wichita, and Catawba! By 6:00pm we were ready for a wonderful meal that included Chicken Alfredo, roasted veggies and strawberry shortcake. To the end the evening we held Twilight Activities in which campers to go to any activity they wanted! Safe to say we had an awesome Thursday here at Cheerio!