Today we woke up, ate an oatmeal bar/cinnamon roll breakfast, packed lunch, and hit the road for Grayson Highlands.

Once we got there, we all grabbed our lunches to eat on the trail and started hiking. Our hike is short but sweet and has amazing views. After we hiked to our stopping point, our park ranger friend, Florence, talkedto us about the ponies.

Grayson Highlands is known for their wild ponies that are auctioned off to live there yearly. Once a pony goes into the park, they are usually there for life. These ponies are essential to the wildlife area and currently are set to stay in the area until further notice.

After Grayson Highlands, we had rest period - much needed and appreciated. Then we transitioned into skit planning and cabin time.

Every cabin showed off a skit tonight with staff skits in between. Stone Mountain presented “It’s a Hard Knock Life”, Rogers did a Day in the Life Jim, Hoffman did a silly interview, and Pine did Pine goes camping.

Today, Stone Mountain got Honor Llama with 99.1 and Mount Rogers got Dirty Duck.

Now time for bed before our last amazing day here!