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Happy Wednesday!

We started the morning off with some delicious pancakes, sausage, and fruit to fuel us for a full day of activities. After morning activities, we headed to lunch where we had chicken tenders, onion rings, and peas. Honor Cabins today were Cherokee, Cheyenne, Mohican, Hatteras, Shoshone, Sequoia, and Catawba. During lunch we had a visit from Dr. Ominous, Mrs. Ominous, and Blerf (Dr. Ominous’s creation). They told us that they were going to destroy camp unless they found a skit that they enjoyed, which meant tonight’s evening program was Campfire! Following lunch, we had some much-needed rest so we would be energized for our afternoon activities. Dinner was a BBQ cookout before we sat down to watch some silly skits. Everyone did such a great job and there were many smiles and laughs!