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We had a wonderful Wednesday on the mountaintop! We started off our morning with biscuits, eggs, bacon, and grits! We had a great morning with lots of activity at the pool and lake because the sun was high in the sky! We then went to lunch where we had meatball subs, chips, and watermelon lemonade! The honor cabins for the day were Wichita, Catawba, Pawnee, and Seminole! We then moved to an action-packed afternoon in our activities. For dinner, we had fajitas with the campers choice of toppings and guacamole! Then the purple queen entered and was taken away causing the blue and red queen to get into an argument over whose fault it was, meaning there was only one way to solve it… THRIVE! We ended the night with the last year campers holding friendship vespers in the chapel, where they each stated how much camp means to them! We can not wait to see what Thursday brings!