What a wonderful day! Today we repeated our Monday schedule for activity day 2. Boating, fishing, tree climbing, archery, hatchet throwing, athletics, arts/crafts, Cheerio Fit, and more commenced all throughout our 4 activity periods today!

Breakfast this morning was blueberry pastries, bacon, and eggs. Lunch was a fan favorite - chicken tenders and french fries. Dinner was salsibury steak with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Today, our Honor Llama was Mount Rogers and the Dirty Duck was Pine Mountain. Cabins have two more days to compete for the Honor Llama of the Week title!

The evening program tonight was Duck Egg Hunt. Cabins ran around camp looking for staff members dressed up as ducks and tried to capture their “egg” (a large watermelon haha). The winner tonight was

We finished our night with store, dancing, frisbee, and a vespers presented by Hoffman Mountain.