Happy Canoe Trip Day! We left camp this morning after a yummy raspberry pastry, fruit, and cereal breakfast to paddle on down the river.

We took one trip this week, with every cabin and all staff - it was so much fun to be all together and take our time at each stop!

We floated (nose and toes) down a small portion of the river we call “the beach.” After that we went to “Griffin’s Cove” to eat lunch on the river and take a very short hike through the water.

Our trip ended at “low water bridge” and we were met with chips, oreos, and more snacks! After the trip was extended rest period and then cabin time.

Dinner tonight was salsibury steak, mashed potatoes, rolls, green beans, and lemon bars. At dinner we announced the evening program - CASTLEBALL.

Campers were split into the blue and red teams - blue ended up winning on game and red won two. For the last match, our staff members/counselors beat the campers in a head on showdown.

Our night ended with store and a vespers done by Mount Rogers on prioritizing what matters the most to us in our daily lives.