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What a wonderful Wednesday! For breakfast this morning we had some yummy sausage biscuits! Our last year campers embarked on their 10-mile C.R.E.W. hike to Stone Mountain right after breakfast. The canoe trip also headed over to the river for a fun day of paddling! Cabin clean-up and morning activities went swimmingly. For lunch, we had popcorn chicken, and onion rings! Our Honor Cabins for the day were Navajo, Mohican, Occaneechi, and Arapahoe! Our canoe trip returned during rest period, and the C.R.E.W. hike followed during third period! For dinner, we had a BBQ cookout, where we wore silly costumes in preparation for our evening program, Cheerio Idol! Each cabin performed with their Porchmate to a song of their choice, in a competition against the whole camp. Everyone was so creative and we had a blast watching them all!