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Another perfect day on the mountaintop! For breakfast, we had delicious pancakes with fruit! The weather was announced by our weatherman, Gar and the Wild West Wednesday Crew, that it would be perfectly sunny and in the 70’s! After our morning activities, we headed to lunch for chicken tenders and onion rings! Today’s Honor Cabins were Mohawk, Sioux, Mohican, Shoshone, Arapahoe, Chippewa, Lakota, and Catawba! One of our Cheerio Idol judges appeared during lunch announcements stating that they were searching for some Cheerio Talent! Our last year campers returned from their 10-mile C.R.E.W hike while the rest of the camp enjoyed their afternoon activities! For dinner, we had a yummy outdoor cookout with BBQ and hush puppies! Then all of the camp headed to the CHAMP (Cheerio Amphitheater) to watch everyone’s Cheerio Idol performances with an evening snack in hand! Safe to say another great day here at Cheerio!

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We had such a fun day at camp, despite the rainy weather! For breakfast today we had the most tasty muffins and cereal! Our morning activities were moved to our rainy-day locations but that couldn’t stop us from having a blast! For lunch, we had another camp favorite, corndogs, and mac & cheese! Our Honor Cabins for the day were Sioux, Comanche, Apache, Shoshone, Maricopa, Yavapai, and Lakota! Our afternoon activities continued in our rainy-day locations and our C.R.E.W. campers took a trip to the Citi for Cheerwine slushies and a treat! For dinner, we enjoyed some lasagna and cookies! Our Evening Program for the day was Indoor Scavenger Hunt!