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We had such an amazing first full day up on the mountain! After a delicious breakfast we all headed back to our cabins for cabin clean up. Then we were off to our first activity periods where we rode horses, jumped in the pool, climbed some walls, and played lots of sports. After our first two activities in the morning, we met for lunch and enjoyed chicken patties, tater tots, and a delicious strawberry lemonade as we celebrated our honor cabin, Cherokee!

Once lunch and rest period passed by, we all went on to our next two afternoon activities and then cabin time! It was so fun to see all of the cabins making great connections and friendships during this time. After all of this fun, we headed on over to the dining hall for dinner where we enjoyed tacos and churros! Then, out of nowhere, two spies emerged from the ceiling and announced our evening program for the night, Spy Hunter! We closed out our night with a wonderful vespers presented by the Wichita cabin and a Milestone Ceremony for our 5 year campers. We cannot wait for another amazing day of camp tomorrow!