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Our last day of 1G was such a blast! It is hard to believe that this session has already come to an end but we have surely soaked up every moment this week. Today, we went to our last activity periods of the day and then enjoyed a burger cookout on the lawn for lunch. For cabin time today, we enjoyed open activities. Our campers were able to go participate in whatever activity they wanted to and it was so much fun to see everyone running around camp! After open activities, we enjoyed our final dinner together which consisted of sirloin, mashed potatoes, and green beans. To close out dinner, our Senior Counselors prepared some songs to sing to all of the campers and it was such a beautiful way to end our dinner. Following dinner, we all gathered in the gym to watch our performance classes perform what they have been preparing all week! We are so impressed by all of their hard work and courage to perform in front of camp. To close out our time together, we went on down to our Closing Ceremony grounds and heard once again about the values held here at Cheerio. We finished the night with a slideshow and some celebration to recap on all of the fun we have had this week!