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We had such a wonderful Thursday up at camp! Our campers enjoyed their day of these activities and got to experience so many new things and all of the fun that comes with it!

Today for meals we enjoyed a cereal breakfast, corn dogs and mac and cheese for lunch and delicious chicken pot pie for dinner. Thanks Martyn for all you do!

After lunch today, we celebrated our honor cabins, Seminole, Wichita, Catawba, Iroquois, Choctaw, and Occaneechi and then headed on over to rest period. Once rest period was up, our campers headed out for their next activities. It was so fun to see everyone laughing, running around, and lumping in the lake!

Tonight we played an amazing game of Thrive where our campers got to run around, throw water balloons, and search for watermelons! Our 2G Thrive winner was the red team!! To close out our night, our last year campers presented vespers on friendship out at the blessing chapel. We are so thankful for all of the amazing friendships that Cheerio brings.