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Happy Sunday! Today was a very special day at Camp Cheerio, consisting of Cheerio Olympics, Tillie Reveal, and the dance! We started the day with cereal while the CITs prepared our church service. They gave a great devotion on gratitude and we finished the morning getting our station assignments for the olympics. For lunch we had chicken cordon bleu and potatoes and got excited for our big afternoon! We then had an extended rest period and headed to our respective areas for the Olympics- the blue team won! Afterwards we had cabin time, where we cleaned the cabins and got ready for our upcoming week. Because of the rainy weather, we had a cook-IN and served hotdogs to everyone! Afterwards we found out who our tillies were and gave our final gift. We finished the night with the Cheerio Dance- Hollywood style! We danced the night away and will sleep well tonight! We are ready to take on the second week of 4G!