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What another amazing day up at Camp Cheerio! We enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast that gave us just the fuel we needed for the day! Shortly after, some of our campers headed out for their rock sliding trip while we headed on out to our first activity periods of the day. This was a brand new day of activities for all of our campers which made for trying and learning new things! Then, we all met up for lunch and enjoyed crispy chicken tenders, onion rings, and strawberry lemonade. That one sure put us into a food coma for rest period. Our honor cabins today were Apache, Lakota, & Hateras Following the rest period came two more new activities for our campers and then during cabin time, each cabin prepared to perform that night in front of camp for Cheerio Idol! Right after our barbeque cookout, we went out to enjoy all of the wonderful performances that the cabins prepared. After the performances our judges deligated while batman and joker had a dance battle ! Our Cheerio Idol winners were Wichita and Lakota ! Everyone had a great day up at Camp Cheerio and we cannot wait for what is to come the rest of this session!!