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Tree climbing, boating, and arts and crafts were some of session two’s favorite activities here at Cheerio on the New River. Others loved the mudslide, finding treasures while snorkeling, and Wednesday’s canoe trip, where a pool of tadpoles was adored by campers. During the closing ceremony, campers talked about the things that made their week full of camp magic.

For this year’s honor camper, James, his camp magic was making new friends. Making new friends and reuniting with old friends was what made camp magical for almost every camper. A few campers talked about the opportunity to be out in nature and the scenery around the New River, and how that was their camp magic. The cows, herons, ducks, bugs, and other wildlife were loved, and the hills, trees, ferns, and flora were admired.

“To me, being a camper is the freedom to see nature and get off your screens,” said one camper.

For all, camping at Cheerio on the New River was a week full of camp magic and a place where memories and new friends are made. Camper after camper said that being here gave them the freedom to do things they don’t usually get to do, like almost everyone’s favorite activity; tree climbing. As parents picked up campers on Saturday morning, the buzz of excitement for next year could be heard and felt. Many plan and hope to come back next year.

  • Authored by Orion Griffin