“There’s never a dull moment here,” said Caroline, a third year camper here at Cheerio on the New River.

Today, June 9, the first session of camp kicked off with the cheers of joy from reuniting friends, excitment from first time campers, and the enthusiastic start of a griddy competion with campers in Mt. Rogers.

“I’m really excited to make new friends and all the activities,” said another third year camper, Sydney. She added that in previous years she’s enjoyed the evening programs and big camp games and looks forward to them this week.

“I like duck hunt!” Shouted Joshua, a second year camper, as he bolted to join the rest of his cabin the their griddy competition.

“This is my second year and I’m looking forward to seeing my friends from last year,” said Brodie. “I enjoyed the group activities like playing dodgeball and whatnot,” she added.

The majority campers were bursting at the seams to start playing gaga ball, and did not let the rain stop them. After dinner, campers ran through the rain in search of the rubber ducks hidden across camp.

Gray, a first time camper here at Camp Cheerio on the New River but not new to summer camps, echoed what many campers said and expressed. “I’m really looking forward to this and meeting new friends like I’ve always done,” she said.

  • Orion Griffin