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Happy Fourth of July from Camp Cheerio! It is hard to believe that today was our last day of 4G. The session has flown by but it has surely been such a fun time! Today, we started off our morning with some french toast before cleaning our cabins and then meeting all together to play our morning program: Predator Prey! The fleas, spiders, and snakes ran all around camp and had a blast. After playing this awesome game, we enjoyed cabin time before heading over to the cookout for a delicious burger lunch. After lunch, we got some much needed rest before open activities. Everyone got to run around and participate in their favorite activities around camp. After open activities everyone got ready for closing ceremony and then we enjoyed a yummy dinner of sirloin, green beans, and mashed potatoes. Before heading to closing ceremony, we got to see what our performance classes have been working on for the past two weeks! It was so awesome to see all of their hard work. Finally, we headed down to the closing ceremony grounds to hear about the values embodied here at Camp Cheerio. We closed our night with a slideshow and some final goodbyes to our best friends. We hope to see everyone next year and we are so thankful for an amazing 4G!