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After a late night at TOJ, everyone at Cheerio on the New River was given the chance to sleep on Thursday morning before starting the day. The morning started with games of kickball, fishing, and nature hikes, where a live box turtle and garter snake was spotted by the class.

The animal finds did not end there. During boating, campers Ryan and Mackenzie found and caught crawdads, including a very large one, a baby, and everything in between. Ryan also caught a baby catfish with his bare hands by herding it into a small pool of rocks and grabbing it carefully. Everyone was thrilled to see the fish Ryan caught before putting it back into the shallow water.

During lunch, a best dressed competition was held where campers and staff walked the runway to show off their best Fourth of July outfits. Campers wore and carried flags, face paint, hats, and hairbands flashing red, white, and blue. The winner was chosen by the crowd’s volume. Nate’s performance and outfit gained the most cheers and applause as the winner, with two flags in his hands, heel clicks, and shutter shades that screamed Fourth of July pride.

The evening ended with a cookout of hot dogs, cupcakes, and watermelon before skits and a movie. Before watching “The Sandlot,” a movie that had campers and staff rolling with laughter, campers performed America themed skits that knocked the ball out of the park.

Stone Mountain parodied their counselors, who gave Paul Revere different ideas of how to halt the incoming arrival of the British troops. Mount Rogers gave a reenactment of the revolutionary war, with cowardly British soldiers screaming and running away from the brave Continental Army. Hoffman parodied a presidential debate, where each cabin was represented by a camper who told why they deserved to be the next president. Finally, Pine Mountain wrapped up the skit night telling us that, no matter what kind of tea, whether it be iced or hot, sweet or not, it’s American tea and that’s what matters this Fourth of July.

  • Authored by Orion Griffin